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Free Digital Tools 4 Teachers is your home for learning about the best new FREE software and apps for classroom use.  We are dedicated to helping teachers learn to integrate technology into their classrooms to enhance student engagement, learning, and classroom management.

Polling for Answers

Here are some polling apps you can employ in your classroom to ensure your students are really understanding the concepts you want them to know.


Give All Students a Voice

These are some of the best apps on the Internet currently and best of all, they are free and easy to use.


Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems enable students to be masters of their own learning because they have access to all classroom documents, links, videos, and lectures 24-7.


Teaching 21st Century Skills

Whatever we teach should involve 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, media literacy, information literacy, and communication skills.


Tech Tips — Easily Boost Student Success

You need a toolkit of digital apps to assess with because, as all good teachers know, not all students learn the same way.


Use Games to Help Students Review Concepts

Many students spend hours at home playing video games. They love the competition and the action. Why not infuse this enthusiasm into our classrooms with review games?