Kids love games! I can’t say it enough. I’ve worked with middle and high school teachers who seem to think that there’s no room in their schedule to occasionally play a review game. To this I say, hogwash. Any good educator worth her salt knows it’s important to develop a climate where all students can learn. Some students will remember concepts better when they are “gamified.” And, let’s remember, many students spend hours at home playing video games. They love the competition and the action. Why not infuse this enthusiasm into our classrooms with review games? One such game is called FlipQuiz, and it will seem very familiar because it’s a lot like Jeopardy. You simply input your questions and answers (you can also add images and links to your questions), provide a title and you’re ready to roll. Here’s a video tutorial (below) for FlipQuiz that I created for my course entitled Teacher Tech Tips–Easily Boost Teacher and Student Success. In my course you will find tutorials for several other review games and numerous formative assessment apps. Take the course and fill your teaching toolkit with engaging tools to enhance learning and engagement in your classroom. Clicking on this link will get you a 91% discount on this $99 Udemy course. The price to you is only $9 dollars. Enjoy!